U.S. Customs Brokers
"In 2013 we selected LM Brokerage and Logistics, Inc. to handle brokerage and logistics services out of the port of Nogales AZ.
I am completely satisfied in our decision. Throught the flawless implementation LM Brokerage has proven themselves as a true strategic partner bringing the highest level of customer service.
Thank you LM Brokerage for stepping up to the challenge."

Bryan Hargreaves
Import Export Manager

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Air Cargo Clearance
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U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse
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LM Brokerage & Logistics will be your partner so that you can confidently and smoothly bring your goods into the United States in a timely manner.  By properly executing our power of attorney, we can act on your behalf with all Government Agencies regarding your shipment.

When goods are imported into the Customs Territory of the United States, they are subject to certain formalities involving the U.S. Customs Service, and are subject to detention and examination by Customs officers to insure compliance with all laws and regulations enforced or administered by the United States Customs Service. As part of the importation process, goods entering must be classified and their value must be determined. Importers must use “Reasonable care” to “enter”, “classify” and “value” the goods.

Among others as your customs broker we will

·   Represent you at U.S. Customs

·   We will assist you to meet your responsibilities.

·   We will prepare and file the entry documentations on your behalf.

·   In the case you do not have a bond on file we will help you acquire a bond

·   We can handle your bonded warehouse entries and withdraws


When you become our customer, we will be sending you all Customs bulletins and updates.

We will keep you abreast of any changes or updates CBP or any other Government agency makes affecting  your imports.

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